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Our campus in La Mision, Baja California, was established in 2014. In its earliest days, it began as a men’s restoration program where we sought those from the local communities of Tijuana, Rosarito, and Ensenada for those who were struggling with drug addiction and alcoholism. The work was great, but our God is greater.

Soon, an amazing facility began to rise through much hard work, prayer, and partnerships. Since 2014 we now have, in addition to our men’s program, a Calvary Chapel Church where we minister the word of God to the local community. We also have an on-site youth center and a missions program where we can host teams from the United States and facilitate short and long-term missions.


Liberty Restoration Ministry is an international Christian ministry with three locations in the US and Mexico. We are a privately funded, 501C3 non-profit, live-in residential recovery program.  Our primary focus is on helping men and women grow in Christ through daily study,  biblical counseling and life skills training.

Our main facility is located in Hemet, California where we were established in 2007.  We utilize our 2.5 acre property with housing and services for up to 20 men. We have since served thousands of men and women and witnessed the salvation,  restoration and transformation of countless lives by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ

Office: 951-292-1502
Director: 951-642-0650